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How did we start and who are we? Our catering company is introducing itself to you

Once an earl asked me: "What position do you hold in the company?"

I was surprised by that question. Operation of a catering company is a great unknown for many, and the ideas about it may be distorted. I wondered whether to answer briefly and stand up to the role of someone who only sees their client at the beginning when the conditions are being agreed, and then only in collecting money, or ... or respond at large, but honestly. What did I choose?

"I’d rather arrange one event per day, but be present there."
About us
"Sometimes I'm a driver, next time a storekeeper."
About us

Of course, I chose honesty hoping that the earl would appreciate that noble quality. With equal candour, I appeal also to you. Individual approach is what is characteristic of our catering company. Provision of catering services is definitely not about collecting money from clients. Organization of social events requires the presence of experienced staff, when each of those people form a firmly bonded team - a catering family, if you will. To keep everything turning around, I personally always participate in the preparation of every event. Therefore, we just care for as many clients as we can manage in terms of the capacity, without hiring external workers. The strength of our catering company is based on family approach, not on the number of projects carried out during the year.

How does an organization of an ordered catering event look like from my point of view? After sending a request, we and the client meet several times. The basis for a successful event with professional catering is a good agreement. Once all the details are planned and finally designed, the necessary raw materials, items, and ingredients are ordered. The event is personally attended by me, from the first preparations to the actual course. In short, I am physically present until the very end when I deal with clearing the inventory, its stocking and weighing. Behind all that lies not only a lot of physical and mental effort, but also a great joy. The joy of another successful event, the joy of a satisfied client, the joy of work that, despite its difficulty, fills me and our entire catering team with joy.

About us

We take pride in: 4 crucial moments and facts about our catering company


We started in 2001: we haven’t yet lost the energy and enthusiasm about catering


We provide events for 50, 1500 and 10000 people: we are not afraid of challenges


We provide catering services in Hradec Kralove, Prague and surroundings: our small-town prices attract


We organize receptions at a chateau: the fabulous spaces there beautifully complement the atmosphere of the event

4 magnificent chateaus: Organize an aristocratic-elite-style banquet

The privilege and advantage of our catering company is organizing receptions and social events in the beautiful premises of four East Bohemian chateaus:

Chateau Karlova Koruna

Chateau Karlova Koruna

An important monument in the Baroque style, dazzling not only with perfect views to a landscaped park and the picturesque town of Chlumec nad Cidlinou, but also with a possibility of having a reception at the chateau terrace. Wedding or prom at the Karlova Koruna chateau will be perfect thanks to the circular hall. Like a fairy tale!

Chateau Dobrenice

Chateau Dobrenice

Romantic building in pseudoclassicist style is surrounded by a beautiful English park. Views of the surrounding areas and the baroque church of St Clement make the Dobrenice chateau a perfect place for weddings and other social events.

Chateau Hradek u Nechanic

Chateau Hradek u Nechanic

For meetings and weddings, the chateau offers the Knight's Hall, the Golden Hall and wonderful outdoor spaces. No lover of the Neo-Gothic style and Czech filmmaking can resist the Hradek u Nechanic chateau.

Chateau Kacina

Chateau Kacina

This significant monument is among the most important buildings of the Empire architecture in the Czech lands.

Weddings per year
Caterings per year 30 - 1500 people

Have I touched you? Would you like to use our catering services? Contact us and agree on a first friendly meeting. Your satisfaction is our main motivation and we will do our best to achieve it.

For the entire catering team,
Jan Posik, Managing Director

Ask anything directly or inquire catering. We will dedicate our time to you

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What will help us with an inquiry

To be able to give you the best deal straight away, try to tell us as much information as you can. How many people there will be, where the wedding takes place, and even the idea of the wedding reception, whether you prefer classics, or you’d rather leave it to us. All this will help us in faster communication.

By sending the form you give the consent to processing of your personal data in accordance with paragraph 5, article 2 of Law No. 101/2000 Coll., Protection of Personal Data, as amended. You agree that your personal data that you provide to Zámecký catering s.r.o. , is processed and collected in an electronic database only for the purposes of tenders for a maximum of one year. The consent may be revoked at any time in writing or electronically.

Cooking and serving is our passion

With our professional catering team we ensure high culinary level of the dishes that are excellently served. We do insist on using quality ingredients that provide excellent appearance, taste and smell of the meals served.

The Zamecky Catering Team

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