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Party in the open air? Great idea! Come spend a nice night in the glitter of moonlight and falling stars. Garden party catering will provide excellent menu and even fireworks. Tell us your wishes and enjoy professional catering services - of which you are going to be excited, as well as of any praise from the participants. Contact us as soon as possible.

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Party in the open air? Organize a garden party with professional catering

Birthdays holidays, anniversaries, graduation and passing the exams, meetings with ex-workmates or with extended family - all this calls for a proper celebration. What about trying it a bit unusual? Are you up for it? Then organize a party in the open air! Garden party is the world's favourite way to celebrate important events. You should try it, too. Invite your loved ones in the beautiful outdoor area of you favourite restaurant or to a private garden. Garden party in a pleasant outdoor setting will forever be one of the most beautiful memories in the life of your guests.

To make a garden party truly successful, you can take advantage of our catering services. We will assist with the arrangement of space, preparing snacks and arranging fun for the whole event. Excellent food is commonplace.

Garden party catering includes:

  • preparation of outdoor space for a garden party, including furniture
  • helping with selection of the appropriate decorations for the party
  • possible arrangement of fireworks
  • designing and printing garden party invitations
  • providing excellent refreshments from quality ingredients
  • ordering a band, DJ or entertaining performance
  • designing party programme based on its theme
  • possibility of accommodating guest or taking them home after the party
  • cleanup after the party
  • and much more - according to your requirements and ideas

Whether it is spring, summer or early autumn - garden party is an excellent choice if you want to enjoy joint festivity in the open air. There is nothing more beautiful than to have fun while you enjoy the warm rays of sunshine, the smell of blooming flowers and later glitter stars.

Choose the date for your garden party and contact us. We look forward to working with you and your beautiful and memorable garden party under our catering leadership.

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To be able to give you the best deal straight away, try to tell us as much information as you can. How many people there will be, where the wedding takes place, and even the idea of the wedding reception, whether you prefer classics, or you’d rather leave it to us. All this will help us in faster communication.

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Quality food
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Professional staff
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Possibility of renting
castle interior


Flexibility when creating
menus for festive table

Cooking and serving is our passion

With our professional catering team we ensure high culinary level of the dishes that are excellently served. We do insist on using quality ingredients that provide excellent appearance, taste and smell of the meals served.

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