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Excellent food, excellent service, great prices. Our catering company offers professional organizing of any social event - even in the locality of Hradec Kralove and its surroundings. Take advantage of this unique offer and let us spoil you by our catering team. WE are here to organize perfect celebrations, parties, conferences and banquets.

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Catering Hradec Kralove: Great social events with us

Party, cocktail party, wedding reception, corporate banquet, buffet, ball, conference ... Do you plan to only take part in similar social events? Do you also want to organize them? No matter what reason you have to organize a business, family or friendly gathering, we will help you with the organization. Are you from the town of Hradec Kralove? Great! We are going to please you with offering a wide variety of catering services, as well as the option to use the representative premises of the Zamecka terasa restaurant with a capacity of 150 seats to host your event.

Has Chlumec Cidlinou not won favour with you? Never mind, we offer catering services throughout the Hradec Kralove region. It's entirely up to you whether you hold your event in Hradec Kralove or in its vicinity. Our catering team is available to you anywhere, anytime.

Why choose catering in Hradec Kralove with our assistance?

  • we have several years of experience in catering
  • we have positive references from previous clients
  • we provide full catering services, including counselling
  • we offer turnkey catering - we provide year-round catering
  • our team consists of skilled professionals only
  • we can match your budget to the event
  • unmatched service and professional organization is commonplace
  • we are open to new ideas - we will gladly accommodate your wishes

Are you interested in catering directly in Hradec Kralove or its vicinity, or in the beautiful Zamecka terasa restaurant in Chlumec nad Cidlinou? We offer top quality catering services. Your satisfaction is our main goal, contact us!


What's first and what comes next

We’ll list your ideas and clarify the details

If needed, we’ll advise what food or locality to choose.

We’ll cook and prepare everything and deliver it to the place.

You and your guests will be taken care of by professional staff

Ask anything directly or inquire catering. We will dedicate our time to you

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What will help us with an inquiry

To be able to give you the best deal straight away, try to tell us as much information as you can. How many people there will be, where the wedding takes place, and even the idea of the wedding reception, whether you prefer classics, or you’d rather leave it to us. All this will help us in faster communication.

By sending the form you give the consent to processing of your personal data in accordance with paragraph 5, article 2 of Law No. 101/2000 Coll., Protection of Personal Data, as amended. You agree that your personal data that you provide to Zámecký catering s.r.o. , is processed and collected in an electronic database only for the purposes of tenders for a maximum of one year. The consent may be revoked at any time in writing or electronically.

Why choose us?


Quality food
at a reasonable price


Professional staff
with expertise


Possibility of renting
castle interior


Flexibility when creating
menus for festive table

Cooking and serving is our passion

With our professional catering team we ensure high culinary level of the dishes that are excellently served. We do insist on using quality ingredients that provide excellent appearance, taste and smell of the meals served.

The Zamecky Catering Team

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