A gala event with very strict rules requires an absolutely flawless organization. Professional catering will assist you in solving any inconvenience. We guarantee compliance with the etiquette, pleasant atmosphere, great food and much more. Request banquet catering and tell us your requirements and preferences.

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Banquet in our direction: Luxury reception with perfect arrangement

To organize a community meeting so that everything was to perfection and everyone beamed with happiness is not a simple task. Especially if you wish to organize a buffet-style banquet. After reception and feast, Banquet is a very popular type of a social event, where great care is dedicated not only to the first-class quality food, but also on the seating plan and detail planned and premeditated course of the event. Could you use a banquet for your upcoming event? You may not know where and how to make a banquet? The selection of the locality and venue depends entirely on your personal requirements, like everything else, with one exception: Our catering company takes care of all the preparations. Catering is ideal for smaller and larger meetings.

Banquet held under the supervision of our catering specialists ensures peaceful conduct and right timing of the event. Only through a professional organization you will make happy even the most demanding guests, and prepare a high-level social event for them.

You’re going to appreciate banquet with professional catering company since:

  • it helps you choose the venue
  • it prepares banquet even in outdoor areas
  • skilled staff takes care of your comfort and organizing the reception
  • it helps you choose the perfect menu for the banquet
  • it provides all the decoration and organize a festive table
  • it creates seating arrangement according to etiquette
  • the menu is prepared by experienced chefs
  • it books places to accommodate guests
  • additional services can be used according to your wishes and preferences

Culinary experience and important social event in one – that’s exactly what the banquet will be, if held under the supervision of our catering company. Inquire our catering services as soon as possible and get together with us in planning a banquet.

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You and your guests will be taken care of by professional staff

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What will help us with an inquiry

To be able to give you the best deal straight away, try to tell us as much information as you can. How many people there will be, where the wedding takes place, and even the idea of the wedding reception, whether you prefer classics, or you’d rather leave it to us. All this will help us in faster communication.

By sending the form you give the consent to processing of your personal data in accordance with paragraph 5, article 2 of Law No. 101/2000 Coll., Protection of Personal Data, as amended. You agree that your personal data that you provide to Zámecký catering s.r.o. , is processed and collected in an electronic database only for the purposes of tenders for a maximum of one year. The consent may be revoked at any time in writing or electronically.

Why choose us?


Quality food
at a reasonable price


Professional staff
with expertise


Possibility of renting
castle interior


Flexibility when creating
menus for festive table

Cooking and serving is our passion

With our professional catering team we ensure high culinary level of the dishes that are excellently served. We do insist on using quality ingredients that provide excellent appearance, taste and smell of the meals served.

The Zamecky Catering Team

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